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Benz SLR sighted!!

30 January 2005
Colorado Springs, CO
Ok about 1-1:30ish yesterday I was heading south on the 405 freeway and saw a new Silver Benz SLR entering the freeway between Euclid and Harbor also heading south. Didnt know these were even out yet. Anyone know who the lucky bastage is? hehe :biggrin: Would like to get a good look and take some pics. Guy got stuck in traffic and I never saw him again as I zipped along in my NSX. Car looks much bigger (longer) than I the pics I've seen. The shark gill like slits on the front fenders look cool too.
Nope defenitely an SLR...my neighbor has the new SLK. :biggrin:
There are a few SLR's running around the Toronto area, a black one belongs to the owner of a Benz dealership, the silver one to a local hockey pro.
There nice looking from the front, but the back is plain. imo
The SLR has been at the dealerships since last summer. Visit your local MB dealer to see one up close. I know House of Imports Mercedes-Benz in Buena Park currently has one in their showroom.
92NSX said:
When the Super Bowl was here a few weeks ago, there was one following the tour bus of R Kelly.

I had a friend that worked at a recording studio down in Florida and R. Kelly had left one of those nasty looking purple Corvette convertibles with the yellow wheels (Indy 500 pace car) sitting in the studio lot for at least 6 months or more. The people at the studio used it for running errands since the keys were there. Evidently he forgot he left the car behind. :rolleyes: