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Do You Remember Your First Time?

My name is Lightboy:biggrin: and I'm a.....

Beautiful. I appreciate the honesty.

Since you never own a NSX, this will be a good thread to start dreaming.:wink:
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A good friend of mine bought his friend's '91 around 1998 or 1999. He had just sold his turbo-look 911 and had been on the fence: M3, NSX? I remember trying to convince him to buy a new Miata since it was a fun car and about the same price as the used NSX (we both autocrossed and did track events). He bought the NSX.

He took me for a ride when he got it. I recall being in the passenger seat, and listening to second gear go up to 8,000 RPM and thinking "I want this car."

I told him "when you are ready to sell this car I'm going to buy it."

It's in my garage, since 2005.

Yes, I vividly remember my first time. :tongue:
I had gently pestered my doctor about his NSX for 15 years. One day out of the blue he sends word that he's ready to sell. I meet him in the parking lot of the hospital, he pitches me the keys, says, "Take off," and goes back in, leaving me to familiarize myself with the car alone.
I took her around the block(I'm drivin' an NSEEEEEX!), went into his office and made the deal.
It was the weirdest negotiation, too. He talked me down. I was pricing the car according to its mechanical condition, he was pricing it according to aesthetics.
All of which has been sorted out now, of course.:smile:
My wife and I test drove a '93 at a dealership near our home and fell in love. It was a little over our budget at the time. A few months later, while we were on our way to her folk's house for a birthday party, she was reading the classified ads. "There's a '91 at a dealer in Yorba Linda", she said.
"And I think we should go look at it".
We were a few hours late for the party and her Dad was pissed, but 12 years later, I've still got the car. Her Dad got over it. Ron
3 CTSC yellow NSX's! Wow. I was thinking about getting another, but figured what would be the point. The first drive is definitely life changing and changes your perception of a sports car.
Back in 1996, I was 17 and on a trip with my fam in Miami. We were at the Outback for dinner and on the way in, my dad and I spot a red 1995 NSX-T out front. Being car people, we strike up a conversation with the driver and my dad asks him if he'd give me a quick ride. He says sure and off we go. He finds an open stretch of road and with a grin just nails it. 1st, 8000rpm, 2nd, 8000rpm, third, he cuts it off at about 95 and turns us around. It was the closest thing to a religious epiphany I had ever experienced. Very different than the gold 1983 RX-7 I drove at home. :)

So we're talking on the way back to the Outback and I'm telling him about how I want to go to law school, etc. And what do you know a Miami-Dade cop flashes his lights and pulls us over. The driver tells me to get out of the car and being a dumb kid I open my door- only to hear "passgener stay in the car!" and see a 9mm Glock 17 being pointed at me by a very upset cop. His partner ambles up to the driver and goes through the spiel. He says he didn't have to see us coming because he heard us first. It becomes evident that the NSX is not the driver's car. :eek: He explains that he is going through a messy divorce and he registered the car in his friend's name so that his ex wouldn't get it. I'm sitting there in abject fear wondering if I'm going to be spending the night in Dade county lockup. Bye bye law school... :)

The other cop holsters his weapon and asks for my driver's license. When he sees it is from NY, the eyebrow goes up. I'm so scared I can't manage any words- two young guys from different states driving an exotic car reigstered in another name? And in Dade county? I'm convinced they think we're drug dealers. Wonderful. Thankfully the driver quickly explains I'm a friend from out of town and he was just giving me a quick ride to experience the car. The cop seems to buy it and starts in on me that the NSX is a death trap and at the speeds we were going, they'd have to identify my body with dental records. After about a 5 minute lecture, amazingly, the cops let us go with a warning.

When we get back to the Outback, we tell my dad the whole story, which he strangely finds hilarious. He thanks the driver and on our way in to the restaurant, all he says is: "Don't tell your mother." :biggrin:

After that day, I knew I had to have an NSX.
Honcho, great story ^

My first time was sitting in my room. Left hand was on the digital pad. Right hand feathering the acceleration button while gingerly negotiating the corkscrew at Laguna Seca. It was the first time I experienced 'Snap Oversteer'

I knew then I had to get Gran Turismo 3 :biggrin:
My first time was in 1995, when I was in the Acura show-room w/ my father, who was helping me buy my first car, the Integra GS-R. Off on the other side of the show-room was a black NSX. While my dad was finishing up the paperwork, I snuck over to the NSX, sat it in, put my hands on the steering wheel, snuggled my rear into the leather seat, took a deep breath, and thought to myself "one day, not tomorrow, not next year, but one day, I will own you". 10 years later I realized my dream. I bought it from a guy in Dallas, 1998, bone stock, 20K miles. Even today, when I look in the garage, I still get a silly grin on my face.
Many people think I'm an idiot or even going so far as calling me a "poser" for buying a 2008 997 GT3 and then selling it for the NSX. Their claim is that I could not afford the GT3 so had to "settle" for an NSX....hahaha Yeah if that were true then I probably should sell all my other rides or hey what the hell might as well sell all my homes and live in a mobile home if I was that tight on money! :biggrin:

Well truth is I've wanted the NSX ever since I was in h.s (yes that was back in the early 90's)....hahaha but back then I had no money, no job and no way I was going to buy a $50k+ car! Back then $50k is like $100k nowadays so keep that in mind.

So my NSX has been a 15 year dream come true for me but like another poster said I never even sat or drove an NSX till I arrived in CA. One day I dropped by Acura Stevens Creek (roughly 3 years back) and they had a Blue 05 NSX on their showroom floor. The salesman knew I loved cars by my modded s4 and offered to let me test drive their showroom beauty. All I can remember is that the engine note was really apparent being a mid engine car. I was super careful not to scrape leaving their driveway and away we went. The shifter was smooth and the car just seemed like we were sitting on the pavement. I got onto Lawrence expy going north and we got up in the upper revs and I immediately thought to myself, so this is how a sports car should drive! The revs fells quickly and I was in love. Of course with a sticker price of $89k+ it was not a car I could afford at the time.

Fast forward to 2008 and being an avid NSXprime reader, I found the perfect cherry 2004 white/onyx NSX in VA. This was not easy since at the time he was not ready to sell but we kept in touch via PM's, etc. A few months passed before we started talking more seriously about the car. Timing was perfect as my friend's wedding was in DC so my buddy and I flew to Dulles and killed two birds with one stone. The car was just as the owner described covered in a red satin cover as he pulled it out of his house. I actually completed the purchase over the phone so the first time I drove the car was enroute to the delivery port. He followed me in his SUV and he could tell how happy I was cruising along. Weather was a blessing that day in DC so I had a blast driving it the 40 or so miles to the shipping port before I bid farewell. The next few weeks seemed forever till the car finally arrived at my house :)

I've bought quite a few cars in my day but never a pre-owned car that is in such perfect condition. No surprises as the car was exactly how he described it and I'm a happy camper!

1st time I ever saw or heard of the NSX was when Road and Track tested the prototype in 1989, and had it on their cover. Up until that point, my dream car had been a MKIII Supra Turbo. That changed instantly that day as I held that Road and Track in my hand. I told myself that someday, somewhere, somehow, I would own this car.

1st time I ever saw an actual NSX in person was Summer of 1990. It was a Formula Red 1991 at Stevens Creek Acura in Santa Clara, CA . It was roped off with velvet ropes, and a "Please do not touch" sign.

1st time I ever rode in an NSX was in 1998, in a Formula Red/Black 1991 Coupe.

1st time I ever drove an NSX was in 1999, a 1998 Kaiser Silver/Onyx T.

Finally, in 1999, income and depreciation curves finally met, I bought my first NSX, a 1992 White/Black Coupe in July 1999 from Dallas, and drove it back to the SF Bay Area.

Ahh, the memories. :)
I had gently pestered my doctor about his NSX for 15 years.


It was the weirdest negotiation, too. He talked me down. I was pricing the car according to its mechanical condition, he was pricing it according to aesthetics.
All of which has been sorted out now, of course.:smile:

He probably charged double and billed the rest to your insurance. :biggrin:
My wife and i flew to california, where the seller picked us up in a civic. We went to his house and he pulled out the car, i thought i was dreaming at first cause this has been my dream car since graduating high school in 1991. We drove 15n from cali to vegas and i was pushing the shit out of it. Madfe it there in 2.5hrs. My wife was happy for me but kept complaining that i was going way to fast 90-110 all the way. We spent the weekend feeling like rockstars on the vegas strip with an nsx. We left the car to be shipped from there and flew back home, memory never to be forgotten.