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KW V3 Coilovers and Custom Spring Packages by FX Motorsports Development

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7 July 2009
Factory KW Race Team - FX Motorsports Development
is proud to offer the double-adjustable KW Variant 3 Coilover to the NSX community.


KW V3 Coilover kit for 1991-2005 NSX

MSRP: $2,599.00

FXMD Pricing too low to advertise! PM/E-mail for special pricing!


KW Variant 3 coilover suspension for 1990-2005 Acura NSX: Available through KW-backed U.S. NSX race team: "FX Motorsports Development"

KW suspensions announces their Variant 3 stainless steel constructed coilover for the 1990-2005 Acura NSX.

The KW suspensions coilover for the Acura NSX enables the owner to lower their vehicle 20 to 50mm on the front axle and 25mm to 55mm on the rear axle. The coilover suspension retains enough travel to handle maximum load and dynamic loads during driving. Double adjustable rebound and compression damping allows a truly individual performance driving setup from agressive track to fine tuning the ride quality and comfort for every day driving.

Variant 3: Race technology for the road.

The Variant 3 is state-of-the-art technology for the skilled/experienced driver to the everyday driving enthusiast. The separate and independent compression and rebound damping adjustments allow a truly individual driving set-up. These unique systems with the 3 individually adjustable components (compression, rebound, and ride height) allows for adjustment of the compression of the damper in the low-speed range, while the high-speed set-up, so decisive for driving comfort, has been pre-set by our engineers.

• Independent Compression and Rebound adjustable damping
-- Infinitely adjustable rebound damping
-- 14-level adjustable compression damping
• Ride height adjustable
-- TÜV-tested adjustment range
• “Inox-line“ stainless steel technology
• High-quality components for long term durability
• Detail instructions for ease of use
• Spring rate and valving determined by KW’s state-of-the-art 7-Post rig
• 343lb/343lb front/rear spring rates

NEW - KW Valve Technology: With video animation explaining the fundamentals of High and Low speed compression:


NSX suspension testing on KW's 7-post (shaker) rig:

Important characteristics such as safety, quality and performance are all taken into consideration with each KW coilover design. Each vehicle application is specifically designed and engineered for a proper range of motion, min/max weight loads and min/max lowering. All these requirements are met while retaining its performance handling characteristics. Each KW coilover suspension is produced with unique stainless steel “Inox-line” technology. The stainless steel construction internally and externally provides long term durability and corrosion resistance from the elements.

KW suspension testing at the world-famous Nurburgring Nordschleife:

All KW coilovers pass stringent German TUV safety and quality testing standards. Each kit is sold TUV approved.

KW Background:

KW is OEM supplier for the Dodge VIPER SRT-10 ACR, Mercedes CLK63 & SL65 AMG Black Edition, and aftermarket suspension supplier for the: Ford GT, Ferrari Enzo, F430, Porsche GT3, 911 Turbo, 911 GT2, Carrera GT, Nissan GTR, and much more.

Personally, I like KW's philosophy of using the softest spring rates possible. Generally, softer springs yield more grip. The internals of the KW allows for a reduction in highspeed bump/compression (which is pre-set by KW) which makes for a much more comfortable ride over broken up road on the street. This also results in a much more compliant ride that is more stable and keeps the tires on the ground when going over bumps or hitting apex curbs on the track. A more compliant and stable car = a faster car. (FYI - some Grand Am GT cars run spring rates as low as 200lbs with large swaybars).

This is in contrast of many other coilover options whose damping curves are linear whose ride becomes exponentially stiffer (and harsher over bumps - more highspeed compression) as you stiffen up the lowspeed compression and/or rebound. The ride quality of the KW's is called by many as the best of any coilover option that they've tried.

Email [email protected] for special pricing as well as any questions in regards to the complexity of double adjustable dampers, KW product, or setup advice.

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Custom Spring Packages by FX Motorsports Development


KW has worked with FXMD's racing effort for some time now on many platforms including the NSX. Through this testing FXMD is now offering Custom Spring Packages for the very capable KW V3 coilover.

For those wanting a custom tailored setup for their KW V3s can choose from the following spring packages:

1993 NSX-R / 1997 NSX S-Zero
- 8K/6.12K springs (448lb/343lb)
- $179.99

- 8K/8K springs (448lb/448lb)
- $349.99

- 10K/8K springs (560lb/448lb)
- $349.99

FXMD Track Pack 1
- 11K/8K springs (616lb/448lb)
- $349.99

FXMD Track Pack
- Your choice in springs front/rear, or tailored to your specific application.
- $349.99

If you want a firmer ride, better balance for your specific setup, are a track/canyon carver, this is the option for you.

Email [email protected] for any questions in regards to spring rates or setup advice.
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KW Variant 3 for the NSX arrives in a nice box that showcases their motorsport history:

With the OEM top hats installed (not included from KW), the coilovers are ready for installation:

(Rear coilover on top, Front on bottom)
***Pictured above are "Clubsport" spring rates and FXMD-spec shorter front spring lengths. KW spring packages are also available, at a higher price.

Front coilover installed:

Rear coilover installed:
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Thank you for the emails.

Keep in mind that we also have offerings for all of KW's lineup from Mustangs to Porsches, Mercedes, VW, etc.. If you, your wife, or friend has anything ranging from 997 Turbo or a Civic, we have you covered. E-mail [email protected] for quotes.

Recent KW suspension releases:
R35 GTR, 2005+ VW Jetta, Smart ForTwo, Scian xA and xB, Saturn Sky, Pontiac Solstice, SLK55, Mini Clubman, IS-F, 05+ Mustang, 07+ Audi RS4.

Same in regards to the custom spring packages for any kit. We have done extensive testing on the NSX, S2000, BMW 3 series/M3, 350Z, Porsche platforms and more.
If interest is great enough, we can offer pillowball top mounts for the NSX V3 kit. Please email if interested.
From our recent Time Attack success with 3 overall victories and track records, we are receiving additional support from KW North America as their factory NSX Race Team.

Email FXMD for new pricing on KW V3 coilovers for the NSX.

Shipped from the US, Email for shipping quote.


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I have just received the KW V3. My nsx is 1991 JDM. I am running F17/40/215 and R18/265/35. I have the nsx-r chassis bar and front sway bar.

I am in the midst of converting from auto to manual. I am waiting for my Prospeed turbo kit and aim to shoot for 450rwhp.

Which setting should i dial in for the KW V3?

KW's recommended settings are:

F Compression: 2-clicks/sweeps from full stiff
R Compression: 4-clicks/sweeps from full stiff

F Rebound: 9 clicks from full stiff
R Rebound 7 clicks from full stiff

A good baseline (without knowing what tires, alignment, rake you are running, street vs track driving, etc...) for the info you have given me would be:

F Compression: 3-clicks from full stiff
R Compression: 3-clicks from full stiff

F Rebound: 6 clicks from full stiff
R Rebound: 6 clicks from full stiff

-This is a baseline, if you can provide more information, or how the current setup is behaving, I can give a better recommendation.
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Set shipped out. Thanks for the order.
KW Suspensions continue to show their dominating performance at the 2009 Super Lap Battle Season Finale with 1st Place in Unlimited RWD, setting a new track record on KW 3-way motorsport dampers as well as 2nd Place in Street RWD on KW Variant 3 Coilovers.

Billy Johnson's NSX on KW 3-way Motorsport Dampers:

Jeremy Croiset's MR2 Turbo on KW V3 Coilovers:
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KW Suspensions again to show their dominating performance at the 2009 Redline Time Attack Season Finale at Auto Club Speedway:


1st Place Overall, 1st Place Unlimited RWD, new track record on KW 3-way Motorsport Dampers
1st Place Street RWD on KW Variant 3 Coilovers.
1st Place Drift Class on KW 3-way Motorsport Dampers
2nd Place Street AWD on KW Variant 3 Coilovers

Billy Johnson - FX Motorsports Development (1:36.103)
1st Place Overall, 1st Place Unlimited RWD, new track record (KW 3-way)

Jeremy Croiset - Berk Technology (1:50.692)
1st Place Street RWD (KW V3)

Rhys Millen - RMR/Hyundai/Red Bull Hyundai Genesis (1:48.004)
1st Place Drift Class (KW 3-way)

Stephen Ruiz - Stoptech (1:49.050)
2nd Place Street AWD (KW V3)
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These are probably the best coilovers for the price. Thanks for the R&D Billy!
These are probably the best coilovers for the price. Thanks for the R&D Billy!
Of course, they truly are a fantastic product.

From continuous testing on our Unlimited Class Time Attack car, our shop, and customer cars, we can provide track support and help with alignment, spring rate choice, swaybar, and tire choice; -anything you need to improve the handling and balance of your car.

The custom spring rate packages are not limited to KW. With our experience with everything from KW, JRZ/Moton, Sachs, Penske, Ohlins, HKS, JIC, Tein, etc... we can provide support and springs for any suspension setup you have.

More baseline street/track damper settings for both the V3 and Clubsport spring rates will be posted shortly after the holidays. Stay tuned!
Update for 2010:

The FXMD Unlimited Car (KW 3-way) will be attending events such as the World Time Attack Championship, Pikes Peak, and the Redline Time Attack.

A FXMD KW V3-equipped car (TBD) will compete in the One-Lap of America as well as further street and track damper settings.

Stay up to date and follow our efforts representing the NSX on a WORLD STAGE in the 2010 World Time Attack Championship in Sydney, Australia (May 22, 2010):


After dominating with an Undefeated 2009 season in the Redline Time Attack, the KW 3-way Motorsport damper-equipped FXMD unlimited car are going up against the best time attack teams, cars, tuners, and suspension in the World. And through this never ending testing, a custom crafted setup can be tailored to your individual needs, for street or track!

Stay tuned!


After two trips to Vegas and back, and to Willow Springs Raceway and back on KW's reccomended setup:

F Compression: 2-clicks/sweeps from full stiff
R Compression: 4-clicks/sweeps from full stiff

F Rebound: 9 clicks from full stiff
R Rebound 7 clicks from full stiff

This setup has a great overall balance and compromise for performance/comfort. The suspension absorbs bumps and uneven road without a jarring ride or causing the car to 'skip' like most coilovers are known for. Over the biggest bumps/impacts from the worst roads in LA, the compression at 2 clicks from full stiff is a little on the harsher side, but is still compliant and absorbs almost all bumps with ease. The big hits and overall cruising comfort can be greatly improved (at the sacrifice of body roll when cornering) by softening the compression to 4 or more.

On this setting, my girlfriend (who isn't huge into cars) said the ride was better and less jarring than my Koni/H&R lowering spring equipped M3 and more comparable to her stock suspension 3 series. But trust me this setting handles!

Update - Mountain road testing

KW's recommended settings were FANTASTIC on twisty mountain roads. Exerting perceptually zero body roll, the suspension was at home on the twisties. This setting made the suspension very compliant and was never upset or 'skipped' across even large bumps mid-turn.

All in all, KW's recommended settings is a good ballpark, which is the point of a 'baseline'. It is very comfortable but can be adjusted to be even softer for long drives while it is phenominal in the mountains, but can be stiffened up to be even sportier. The versatility and operating range of the damper is one of its strong points. The key is to find the setting thats best for you and what you will be doing with the car.

Mountain - aggressive setting

F Compression: 2-clicks/sweeps from full stiff
R Compression: 4-clicks/sweeps from full stiff

F Rebound: 3 clicks from full stiff
R Rebound 5 clicks from full stiff

This setting made for an extremely responsive front-end. With a lot of compression and rebound, the front of the car is razor-sharp and dead-flat. The added response in transitions from Right to Left and vice-versa were almost telepathic and very sporty. This setting felt like a much higher sprung car without the skipping ride qualities. This aggressive setting does transmit bumps a lot more into the car, making for a slightly rougher ride, but due to the soft rates and droop travel, the car never 'skips' across the ground even though you are more connected to the road and feel the bump more.

I made a video of said mountain and freeway driving and might put it together if people are interested in seeing the ride quality of the KW suspension.

I have another long trip to Vegas planned so I will be finding the best 'cruising setup' as well as some track testing in the future. Stay tuned.

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^^ Billy, on your most recent mountain drive, you're running the factory KW springs rates (343#/343#) yes?
My car runs the 80/80 Clubsport rates (457/457) with the tiny stock swaybars.

I have driven the factory KW 343/343 on various NSXs and the settings, characteristics, and results are very similar despite a 100lb difference. Keep in mind, if you run aftermarket swaybars, you increase your cornering spring rate -which could be even higher than the 100lb difference between the V3 and Clubsport rates.

Another update - after tracking my NSX at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Z-Max test facility road course) -again on using KW's street settings because I didn't have time to change them, I was astonished at the predictability, comfort, neutrality, and overall performance of the suspension. I was the pace car at "M-Fest" which is a big BMW gathering and track day. Two drivers who I won the 25 Hours of Thunderhill with rode in my NSX and were blown away with the performance, handling, and comfort of my car.

After turning one of the fastest laps of the weekend (only a handful were faster including a Supercharged E90 M3 that I was competing in), I am still a firm believer in this suspension and despite the low rates (clubsports 457/457 and stock swaybars) I would disagree that anything short of a track-only car needs much more spring rate or performance than what the V3 delivers.

My setup:

Dampers: KW's reccomended setting
KW V3 with Clubsport 457/457 spring rates (and shorter FXMD shorter front spring)

Tires: Bridgestone RE01-R
235/40-17 front 265/30-18 Rear
34psi/34psi cold - 36 to 38psi hot ALL AROUND
17x7.5 front 18x9.5 rear - 5Zigen ProRacer GN+

Camber: -1.5 front -2.5 rear
Toe: 2mm out front 3mm in rear

STOCK swaybars
STOCK bushings
NO non compliance clamps or toe links

STMPO front chassis brace

Is there an ideal height for these coilovers or coilovers in general track based on taking the measurements taken on the lower control arm bolt of the front suspension and the toe control arm bolt in the rear ?

On stock height, the front is lower than the rear.
Do we lower it the same measurements all around or do we ensure the front and rear are equal height like how Tein springs approach had taken?

I hope you can advise based on 16" f 17" r stock NSX wheels.

billy: sent you email regarding price check on these.
Email [email protected] for a price quote.

I am not involved with the retail side of FXMD anymore.

Is there an ideal height for these coilovers or coilovers in general track based on taking the measurements taken on the lower control arm bolt of the front suspension and the toe control arm bolt in the rear ?

On stock height, the front is lower than the rear.
Do we lower it the same measurements all around or do we ensure the front and rear are equal height like how Tein springs approach had taken?

I hope you can advise based on 16" f 17" r stock NSX wheels.

KW has a recommended ride height range of operation as well as Front to Rear split difference or "rake" of the car. When measuring the front & rear jacking points on the framerail, I like to have the front jack point 1/16" to 1/4" lower than the rear jack point. So the front is lower than the rear.

"Ideal" rake of the car is dependent on numerous factors: tire size, model, width, outer diameter, offset, spring rates, ride height, swaybars, vehicle weight, aero, etc...

Because Teins have much higher rear wheel (and spring) rates, the setup would be more biased toward a lower rear ride height and more rear camber. For the KW, I would follow the KW recommended settings (which has rake built in) for ride height. You can double check the frame rails at ride height after you put the car back on the ground. 1/16" to 1/8" lower front frame rail jack point is probably a good ballpark.

how low do these go drop wise ?

so the front the helper spring is on the bottom?

and the rear its on the top?
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