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Trashed a tire, opinions please...

10 August 2000
Just noticed a huge nail on my front OEM Yoko, nothing that I want to repair. I've got 3,700 miles on the car, so I'm wondering whether to:

a) Replace just the damaged tire with a Yoko. My guess is that the other tire has about 60% tread left.
b) Replace both front tires with Yokos.
c) Replace both front tires with someting else (Dunlops 8050 maybe), although I hate the idea of running mistmatched tires for any length of time.

What do you think, can I get away with option a) for now?
Originally posted by rquintero:
I've got 3,700 miles on the car...

a) .. 60% tread left...
b) Replace ... with Yokos.
c) Replace .. with someting else

I would not recommend mixing tires as your car will definitely not handle as well. My vote is a) buy another Yoko. Just do some harder turning on the new tire to even out the wear... heheh ;-)

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Thanks guys. Sounds as if I really don't need to worry about mixing a new tire with a relatively used one...

Mentally I'll feel unbalanced, but I'll follow the economic route this time.
Mentally I'll feel unbalanced, but I'll follow the economic route this time.

Actually you are correct,side to side you are unbalanced.Newer tire will also be slightly taller.Mix matching tires,side to side (brand,model,size)is not recommended. Though mixing front pair to rear is ok.Pirelli has also practiced this method.
Actually Sumitomo Tire owns/makes Dunlop Tires.If your choice is Dunlop you can get the same tire for less money buying the Sumitomo.Even cheaper are these new Kumho Ecsta Supra 712 which are very impressive.Recently using Kumho, and have talked with others using them at the track with great satisfaction.Though this is with their comp.V700 model.For street I've had great results w/Toyo's.Excellent wear,very quiet.
ok, i know everyone is going to throw eggs at me, but i "nailed" a Yoko @ ~3k miles, too. since it was my first set of tires with the car and was still in the "conservative" mode of driving, i had it plugged by a local tire shop and never had leakage or problem with it through another 7K miles to replacement.

ok, egg away boys and girls.

Actually I always try to save the tire by patching from the inside if it's repairable but the tire must be removed from the wheel. Those plugs do work and most any shop or yourself can do it.It actually not a bad idea to keep a kit in your car.
What questions me is that you only got 10k miles out of your stock tires?Is this common with other NSX owners?
the NSX are notorious in wearing the rear tires. Mostly contributed to the alignment spec from the factory. However, with "compromise" alignment, longer tire life can be achieve.

With the stock setup and original alignment on the '91-93 NSX, you can expect rear tire life of 4-6K miles per set, and less than that if you track your car. (Front tires may last two to three times as many miles as rear tires.) The revised alignment can improve rear treadlife but it will still be much less than on your wife's Accord.

BTW, the owner's manual recommends against repairing a tire puncture. You might be able to get away with it if you never drive on a racetrack and never go over 80 mph... but I wouldn't do it if I had any plans to drive the car like it was designed to be driven.

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Well, It is obvious to me that A or B are the only choices. The one point I will make is when you say 60% tread left, are you talking about the INSIDE edge of the tire?This is where the front tires really take a beating, due to the front toe "out" specification. If the tire has 60% tread left on the INSIDE edge, I would go for A, otherwise I would choose B.


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Just an update - decided to just buy a plain OEM Yoko, thanks to the many reassuring words.

Plus the fact that sooner than later I'll need to do something rim / tire-wise anyway to make the car fun again. Car still feels heavy & detached to me.

My usual discount tire shop wanted $333.32 for the tire + install (are they nuts?) so I just dropped the car off at my local Acura dealer and ordered a tire from TireRack.com for $190.

Oh, reason I dropped the car off is because after 3 days the tire finally started leaking, so I tried to install the spare today during the lunch break: the spare just inflated in a totally grotesque way - normal from the outside but really weird on the inside - so I just deflated it and stored it back, leaving a note for the dealer to check it. Although maybe that is the way these spares are supposed to inflate?