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what UNI oil to buy?

18 July 2005
Get the last one.

It has both the Cleaner which you need to remove the old oil and clean the filter and also has the oil you need to renew the filter in aerosol form which you can spray on. You get less applications but it is easier to use. The oil in bottle form will give you many more applications for your buck.

Im not even sure those things filter well. K&N is horrable for filtration, so is the HKS mushroom velocity stack foam filters with oil. I dont think the UNI will be much different since it is using a duel layer foam configuration with oil to catch the particles. Look at this review of the filter types.


I use only the APEXi air filter in my cars..... works great and i know the engine is kept clean + great HP gains. I custom make my own APEXi mounts for the NSX and the Supra and is pretty cheap. About $3 at Home Depo and 5 minutes with a hack saw. All in all, i can get the filter mounted and in stalled in 30 minutes including making the mount. I use to use K&N before i knew any better but never again.

I would stick with the stock air filter or go with APEXi. It filters much better then K&N or HKS and more HP gain also.

any motorcycle shop will have the foam filter oil. spray is probably better as you cant ring the uni fliter out like you can one for a bike. as far as filtering, my money is on the uni! motocrossed for years and all of them use foam filters, including the factory bikes. not much gets thru them when oiled properly.