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Window Regulator Repair Tool (works with Hugo's Window Repair)

11 January 2021
Ontario, Canada
This tool will hold the springs compressed while you rebuild your window regulator, such as when you perform Hugo's Window Regulator Upgrade.

When you're rebuilding, instead of clamping the regulator, just compress the spring and pop this clip on to hold it and then wind the cables. After assembly, remove the clips and the cables will be nicely tensioned!


Note: you need 2 of these, one for each cable.

3D printer files and instructions at:

Comments and suggestions for improvement welcome, especially from Hugo.
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Those seem great! I had a clamp on mine and one came loose during the rebuild and I ended up having to get it rebuilt after struggling with trying to pull the cable back out again.
This tool was the second thing I printed when I got my 3d printer recently. I'll soon tear into my doors and try my Hugo install again. I don't remember that far back, but I think I probably shelved it because of the cable winding hassle.
[MENTION=37580]tturkstra[/MENTION] I was inspired mostly by your work here to get involved in design and printing. Thanks for your work and generous shares. I just finished my first functional design today of a simple snap-in stereo blockoff plate. It's not share-worthy yet, but I have plenty of ideas that will keep me playing around over the next few months and I think I'll print out your cupholders this week.
You can try using some toggle clamps in order to held everything in place. I don't know about your budget, but I would rather get something that's quality than a cheaper product. For example, I'm using some of them from https://www.sandfieldengineering.com/toggle-clamps/ and I would suggest you to do the same. I've managed to solve this thing, but now I need some special drills for wood carving. I've tried to find them for a while, but I had no results so far. Maybe the tool that I'm using isn't the right one, who knows? I'm going to post some pictures with that here and maybe someone will be able to help me out

I'm not sure if this is a real suggestion or some sort of bot (1 post/quasi-NSX related/add for tools/suspect grammar) but, quality or not, they won't be any better than a standard C clamp because you're trying to clamp parts from odd angles. Even watching Hugo's videos, you can see it's a challenge.

When we were rebuilding mine and another NSX owner, it was clear to me that there was no way Honda was building them that way - too much variability, which would make getting a specific spring tension extremely difficult. 2 of the 4 we did had to be done again to get the spring tension correct. I looked at the design parts, and it's clear (to me anyway) that the parts were designed to be held by a temporary retaining clip during construction, so I designed a similar temporary clip. If you look at the regulator and the cable ends, there are no reasons to have those lips there except for a simple clip to act as a spring compressor.

I'd really like to find someone who worked at Honda or similar to discuss how they built these things originally, but I'd bet they had a machined aluminum clip similar to this.