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  1. 1

    Wheels HRE 542R 18/19 3-piece chrome specifically made for NSX

    I went to stock and now need the room. Mfg specifically for my NSX original cost $2000 each in 2004. Nitto NT555 tires included w/ approx 50% life remaining. Email me at [email protected] for more pics and detailed description. Asking only $2,300 total for all 4 (shipping not included)...
  2. bonhamsurf

    Climate Control Blower Fan Stopped

    So my fan for my Climate Control stopped working. It won't blow in any position. I've already read all of the posts about when it only blows when fan is on High, but my won't blow air at all. I had a spare CCU unit, so I replaced my CCU and it does the same thing. When I push "AC ON" I can hear...
  3. oscar_driver

    2013 12 Hours of Maranello Madness! - Epic Photos - MoyanoPhotography :D

    On a typical FCA - South Florida fashion, a pretty Epic day, with TONS of Action @ the track and oh so many amazing cars all over the Palm Beach International Racetrack! To see all Photos (but here are some of the best!) : All Photos: FACEBOOK LINK...
  4. Ponyboy

    Powertrain FS: Fuel Injectors - 370 CC

    SOLD! For upgraded 3.0 and 3.2 NSX engines, up for grabs is a set of nearly new RC Engineering 370cc injectors. Have fewer than 2,000 miles on them. Taken from my 3.6L before ITB installation. Injector Balance/Calibration Report included. Spray pattern for each injector is EXCELLENT. These...
  5. I

    NSX LED Light Conversion Kits - Change all the interior/exterior lights to LED's

    Ikonik LED Our LED Converison Kits include replacement LED bulbs for the following lights in the NSX: 1 LED Map Light 2 LED Door Lights 1 LED Driver Floor Light 1 LED Trunk Light 2 LED License Plate Lights 2 LED Clear Corner Lights 2 LED Reverse Lights 2 LED Inner Taillight Lights (next to...
  6. mchang

    My Supercharged NSX video

    Hey guys, recently made a fun little quick video over the weekend. hope you enjoy Featuring Pride's v2 2.5" exhaust
  7. NSX1145

    [1st Gen] NSX Spoon Sports Racing Brake Caliper Kit - 4 Pot - In Stock

    Limited Quantity In Stock! Spoon Sports Lightweight Racing Brake Caliper Kit - 91-05 Acura NSX The Spoon 4-pot caliper has been specifically designed and tested for the Acura NSX. Unlike other 4-pot calipers, Spoon calipers are direct fit and are designed to work with the stock brake system...
  8. Velocitized

    The "J" Swap

    Well, I’ll start with a little background. I bought the car in 2/08 with a salvage title due to theft and a blown motor due to high school student PO, and the interior was pretty trashed. Let’s just say this car has been driven hard and put away wet. The good news was, it had a Comptech...
  9. 03 raw nsx

    S2000 Wheel fitment

    Hey Guys, Will a 18/19 setup fit a S2000? I have some wheels I want to sell on my NSX and if they will fit a S2000 I can expand my audience. Specs: 18/8 +38 and 19/10 +45 I have 3 fronts and two rear - no tires...
  10. mchang

    Another Red NSX - My build - Paint does not match!

    Another Red NSX - My build So I picked up this nsx in June, I think many of you saw it for sale here on prime for a few years as the owner was asking such a hefty price for it. Here is how it looked when I picked it up. So a little about the car. There are too many things to list so...
  11. xPhantom

    2005 NSX Widebody | Rig Shots

    Just finished editing these two that I shot last weekend! Let me know what you guys think. A few more pictures of the car here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/__max/sets/72157632790982365/with/9557053352/
  12. P


  13. oscar_driver

    3 Amigos Photo Chronicles! - :)

    Some 3 amigos decided to adventure themselves @ the rainy streets of South Florida! Here are some Image captures! :D Pretty amazing people were turning heads -considering the fact that South Florida is taken by millions of Gallardos and 458's) All photos are also here...
  14. S

    Favorite memory in your beloved NSX

    Hey guys, Just curious what's your favorite memory in your NSX? I'd have to say mine was when I first bought my 92 and decided to go on a little road trip along the coast of Cali on HWY 1. It was a perfect Cali day with the sun shinning and blue skies. I then took to the road! The car...
  15. S

    Anyone know this White 92 NSX for sale in Vegas, NV

    Anyone know anything about this vehicle?Located in Vegas no VIN listed and vague description: Listed for 18,500, look closely and it's missing wheel liners and a side marker light. States transmission was rebuilt, so thinking it was in snap ring range and failed? Has 95K on the odometer, also...
  16. M

    WTB: SSR SP1s or Work meister s1's

    looking for a set of work meister s1's or sir sp1'slet me know what you have!no wide body fitment!
  17. NSX1145

    New NSX GT Aluminum Throttle Covers - Many Colors & Options

    SCW Performance is bringing you another great item for the NSX from S2CarbonWorks.... NSX GT Throttle Body Cover - Made of Lightweight Aluminum, available with or without the NSX logo. Easily installs / removes in minutes. Includes all stainless steel hardware needed for installation and 1...
  18. M

    Tein Coil overs help! stiff/soft settings?

    Hey guys, I just purchased my 91 nsx awhile back and it came with tein coil overs, the ride quality is really stiff however. Does anyone know how to change the settings of the coil overs? and in which direction do you turn to make it more stiff/less stiff. I believe there are 16 settings im just...
  19. M

    Tein Coil overs help! stiff/soft settings?

    Hey guys, I just purchased my 91 nsx awhile back and it came with tein coil overs, the ride quality is really stiff however. Does anyone know how to change the settings of the coil overs? and in which direction do you turn to make it more stiff/less stiff. I believe there are 16 settings im just...
  20. M

    WTB: Wings west front lip

    Looking for a wingswest front lip for a na1 nsx, let me know what you have! :)
  21. N

    NSX kills light post , sad day

    Just started raining. slick road. hydroplane @35mph. jump curb, kills light post. 360 in mid air. landed and popped a wheel. Wife was driving...but I guess it could have happened to anyone. Luckily no other cars were around, no bodily injuries. Both doors don't close all the way anymore...
  22. J

    May 19th Sunday Acura Smithtown Acura/Honda Car meet 11am

    Hi Guys, I'm Jeff I'm a photographer, and I currently work and help at Smithtown Acura. You guys might have seen me or my photos in the past. I used to drive a 2005 blue tsx and recently retired it at 214,000 miles. I wanted to Share with you guys this even. I know Micheal with the Orange...
  23. K

    Wanted: Sub 80k mile NSX. Preferred Black/Black, will consider other colors.

    Looking for a "low mileage"(sub 80k mile) NSX in black/black leather. My next preferred color is white/black, will also consider silver, yellow. Shoot, I'll consider any color(except for RED, no offense to all the beautiful red NSX's :smile:), but must have a black interior. Original paint, no...
  24. oscar_driver

    That NSX! - By the Airport - Almost arrested but worth photos! :D

    So I got in trouble taking these!! Seems like you are not supposed to take photos around certain airports or areas around it! Still I managed to do some! To see All photos in their full uncompressed glory: http://moyanophotography.com/automotive/nsxdriver **Please share that link and click...
  25. P

    FS: WORK MEISTER S2R 18" wheels/ Yokohama GP tires

    Hello, I am selling a used but MINT condition set of four Work Meister S2R JDM wheels with Yokohama DNA GP "Grand Prix" tires.. Wheels are Gold w/polished lips. Sizes are 18x8+35 offset front and 18x9+35 offset rear.. Tires are 235-40-18 front and 255-35-18 rear.. Work center caps and valve...