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NSXCC Est Fest 2014 - Oakwood Resort - Grand Bend May 23 - 25 2014

6 February 2008
Dundas, On

With all of our cars safely nestled away for the winter, and visions of sugar plum fairies well behind us, thoughts of spring 2014 are surely close at hand. After two lovely years at the Windermere House we are happy to announce Oakwood Inn and Resort as our selected Venue for Est Fest 2014 on the weekend beginning Friday May 23rd and concluding Sunday May 25th 2014. This is the weekend AFTER the May long weekend this year.

One important aspect of Est Fest is location and how it best accommodates the size of our group greatly enhances our experience. After various considerations along with members’ feedback, the club executive have worked diligently to secure accommodations which offer a fine balance of value and luxury at the www.oakwoodinnresort.com Located about two hours from downtown Toronto, this location offers approximately the same distance as previous venues, however, we should be able to avoid traffic issues. As an added plus, it's located right on Lake Huron in Grand Bend.

Aerial view.jpg
the Resort:

The Oakwood Inn and Resort is located in Grand Bend on the lovely (and cold!) Lake Huron. It is a 127–unit resort consisting of 98 deluxe rooms in four lodges, an Executive Cabin, 7 spacious suites, 16 standard rooms, and 3 cottages that are nestled in a natural setting... the perfect mix of rustic and elegance. We have blocked 20 rooms and a cabin for this year’s festivities. For those so inclined there is a golf course located on property which is available during your stay.



• Book now! Our special rate of $169 per night is available until March 23, 2014. When booking you will be asked to place a $100 deposit for the weekend.
• The Cottage is available for $299 per room per night.
• The above includes breakfast for two for each night you stay. (Additional breakfasts are available at $12.95 per person per day)
• Booking reference: NSX Club of Canada
• Booking contact: 1-800-387-2324
• All rooms subject to service fee and HST.

We will again have access to the cottage as our HQ for the Friday night BBQ and bonfire for all our after hour festivities which include but not limited to socializing, drinking, cigar smoking, partying, trash-talking, lap-dancing should anyone sees fit.


Meal service:

Same as the past several years, we are hosting a kickoff BBQ on Friday at the cottage followed by a social by the bonfire. For the balance of the weekend, breakfast will be included. Optional lunch service will be available seperately. Saturday event dinner will be likely be between $30 and $40pp. Sunday dinner will likely be a-la-cart (2 restaurants to choose from). All meal service and accommodation are subject to gratuities and taxes.
We will continue to work to bring the best possible experience for the weekend.

Sign up here:
1) Sean + Patti +2
2) Bram + Nancy
3) Brad + Sue
4) Daria + Glynis
5) Barry D.
6) Butter +1
7) Shawn C. + 2
8) Bash P. +1
9) Brian + Judi
10) Andre M. +1
11) Lucas +1
12) Stu
13) Henry!
14) Neal +1
15) Terry Mac
16) Tony R
17) Richie R
18) Tony S.
19) Dan M.
20) Greg L +1
21) Rick +1
22) Robert M. +1
23) Patrick R. +1
24) Carlos R +1
25) Jim M +1
26) Lionel.
27) Steve R. +1
28) Don +1
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Subscribed. Becky and I are expecting the birth of a baby girl that weekend - but it's so close, I may come say hello!

Subscribed. Becky and I are expecting the birth of a baby girl that weekend - but it's so close, I may come say hello!

GREAT news Sean and Becky - Congrats! Do hope everything goes well. You two will be dynamic parents. :smile:
Wish I could make it... I always loved canada trips.

Just think of this as a business development trip. Come, stay the weekend, enjoy yourself then write it all off as a business expense.

Oh, you can deliver my center console at the same time then! Think of the possibilities.
Come on Stephen, this location is closer to you....Neil this is very close to you as well...


Haha Bram, well maybe. I'd be in New Orleans so it's quite far now...

Just think of this as a business development trip. Come, stay the weekend, enjoy yourself then write it all off as a business expense.

Oh, you can deliver my center console at the same time then! Think of the possibilities.

I wish I could write things off as business expenses!

Your console will be done in the next day or two. I'm trimming them right now.
Sean and Becky, wonderful to hear the news! In May, be sure to show your new bundle of joy a pic of your NSX before the GT3!

Urbee and I are in for EST FEST! Daria and Magro, Oakwood has tennis courts so be prepared for a rematch with Brad and I, woot woot!!!
Guys, we have a HUGE announcement!

Barry at Goderich Honda http://www.goderichhonda.com has very generously sponsored a Friday evening track session at the Grand Bend raceway for two hours! That means there will be a track session provided AT NO COST to current NSXCC members. Grand Bend Raceway is located less than 5 minutes away from the Oakwood Resort, so even if you run out of gas on the track, you can easily walk back to the hotel.

The club will be running two groups, one for less experienced (me!) to all out, we're not worried about our tires, experienced group. For the novice group, we will not require helmets; for the others a helmet is mandatory.

Upon the conclusion of the track event, we will be having our annual barbecue at the track where we can BS about how your tires were the entire reason you were slow, and it's nothing to do with your driving ability. After we retire to the resort we can open the adult bevvies and the stories can really start.

If this doesn't get you to sign up for EST Fest this year, I don't know what will!

Thanks again to Goderich Honda for this awesome opportunity, Coolberg for planting the seed, and Bram for tirelessly championing our cause.
Further to Sean's email, here some details on the track

The track is (4.2 km) 5 minutes from our resort and is available from 5 pm till dark (approx. 8:30 ~ 9 pm) (see attached track layouts), 2 marshals and an ambulance. We will have an area for the NSX's to park together and socialize at the track.

The attached photo shows the different configurations of the track. Paul suggested we run the technical track (2.25km long) or the long track (2.8 km long). 15 to 20 minute sessions each alternating between 2 different groups. Preference will be to have up to 10 cars on the track at any given time. Best to split us up into a green group (less aggressive, save your rubber, keep the shine on the car, first time on the track and don't want to push it group), and a red run group (previous track experience, more aggressive, don't mind to hear the tires squeal group). He will talk with a few of his local track rats and see if some may be available to be there for coaching. Green run group will not need a helmet.

This Youtube link will show one lap of the Technical Track - hitting 180 km/h max speed on the straight and around 70 km/h in most of the turns. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_dXTILb6-w

This video shows a better close up of the track surface and the grassed run off areas if one overshoots the turns. It looks much safer and smoother than the Shannonville track to me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke0Vbb1nCiw

Here's a clip of a 350z setting the lap record and also chasing down a yellow NSX. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eE_PEzQPpo

I suspect a 2 hour session (5:30pm to 7:30pm) will get all our adrenaline going

OK, we're in too!

Brian (& Judi ;-)[/QUOTE]

Excellent Brian...it been a while since you guys came up for Est Fest, I believe the last time was 2010 in Blue mountain .
Grand Bend is shaping up to be a Great event, especially since we now have a Friday track session.