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Slow window repair by Hugo (SIGN-UP)

23 December 2010
This summer Hugo will be on his "regulator tour" fixing NSX windows from coast-to-coast. This threat will serve as a starting point for those interest in getting their slow-roll windows repair done by Hugo himself. It'll cost about $125 if you remove the door cards yourself, or $200 for the labor of completing both doors. Keep in mind that you'll still need to purchase the window kit separately for $200 (both doors) or bring your own if you already have a set before proceeding. In order to get Hugo to come to the Chicago/Milwaukee area he's requesting I find at least 3 more customers. Who's interested? I'll start.

1) xnsx <s>(11am - 12pm)</s>
2) Brylek <s>(7 - 8am)</s>
3) SLAM <s>(10 - 11am)</s>
4) Pruhnke
5) jeffreygebhart <s>(12 - 1pm)</s>
6) lsnsx <s>(1 - 2pm)</s>
7) Speedmaster
8) Sketch
10) 41really53
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if you can move that to St. Louis I will get atleast 3 people to signup for sure
and please say its not in June :p
kwinkler, I'll find out and let you know. I probably won't be able to make it on weekdays either.

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I'm not sure if he'll be in NSXPO this year. There might already been a thread for South West.
I'm in Springfield IL. I could possibly do Chicago or St Louis. Chicago would have to be on a weekend.

awesome one more person who can come to St. Louis if Hugo comes here

XNSX - we are looking at minimum of 4 people if Hugo can make it to St. Louis
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Rahul, I wonder if "Wavey1" from St. Louis will be interested? The more the merrier guys! ;)
haha everyone come to St. Louis, we will have a mini NSXPO right here
I'm cross posting as I am in Virginia but am in if he comes this way.
Is this mod advisable if you are not experiencing super slow windows yet? I guess does it prevent the issues of slow windows in the future?
Sippy2, that's a question for Hugo but his setup works pretty good for a bargain price. Be aware that even dealer's replacement window will slow or age over time in the future too.

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Rsm578, that's great that you guys are grouping up down there as well. You'll need to work that out with Hugo whether he'll be coming down there or not.
Thanks guys. I'll work with Hugo on the date and location and will keep you guys posted.
^ Great! Let me know if you need help finding a location, I may be able to help.
Okay guys, for those in the Milwaukee/Chicago area, can one of you guys coordinate with me privately on finding Hugo a place for us to meet and work? It can be someone's parkway, garage, or even a garden is okay as long as all NSXs can meet at one time. I'm not sure where most of you are located but I'm about 25min south of Green Bay. If I were closer the party can be held at my house. He'll have all the tools ready so we don't have to worry about that.

Brylek, any help is greatly appreciated.
ok from St. Louis I am willing to host, I have a 2 car garage.

Sorry but I do not want to vouch for other guys. lets start a list who will be interested from St. Louis

1. Rahul (my self)
2. Kwinkler ?
If he stops near Colorado, count me in.
I am near Columbus Ohio but would be willing to take a road trip to St. Louis to do this on a Saturday depending on the date. Doesn't look like he gets any closer to me.