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  1. T

    World Premiere - Modified 2017 Acura NSX - by Wheels Boutique

    Enthusiasts have been begging and waiting (somewhat) patiently for over a decade in hopes that Honda Motor Company would finally revive the legendary NSX and after a long hiatus without a halo sports car, Acura has finally answered all our prayers. If you can’t believe this is real – we don’t...
  2. ilretep

    Exterior WTB: Gruppe M / Ganador Mirrors

    Hi, Looking for a pair of Gruppe M / Ganador Mirrors. If you have a pair laying around, please PM me. Thanks in advance!
  3. willabeest

    Headers comptech headers for 1992 NSX

    Comptech headers for 1992 NSX. i switched back to OEM headers to pass California smog at the request of my smog technician. they are CARB approved but per my tech they were not getting cats hot enough :-( they look pretty nice, shiny :-) there are some minor scratches about one inch in diameter...
  4. U

    8/25/2016 Live Reveal - NSX "Super Sport"?

    There appears to be some kind of live debut of a Super Sport version of the NSX next Thursday. I don't know too much else since with it being difficult to translate from Japanese. Press Release: spr.ly/6016BFYQe<strike></strike>
  5. F

    Forced Induction Wanted BASCH BBSC kit or seperated.

    I am looking for a BBSC kit for my nsx, NA1 or NA2 i dont care. I am from Quebec, Canada and i can take care and will pay for the shipping ect it is not a problem. Thx alot everyone.
  6. comptonassdaniel

    1991 Acura NSX: JH4NA1158MT001290 - A Cautionary Tale

    Having sold my NSX, I felt that itch again and started looking for another one. The prices have definitely gone up in the last few years (I'm sure due to how scarce they are becoming). I came across this NSX, VIN #JH4NA1158MT001290 ...
  7. C

    FS: JRZ RS Suspension w top mount w Hyperco 450/550 w helper springs

    Near brand new JRZ RS w top mount. About 500 street miles. Double adjustable rebound and bound. Hyperco Spring rates are 450 and 550 with helper springs. It comes w JRZ monoball top plates. New set w top plates are over $4500 plus cost of springs and helpers. This is a fantastic deal for...
  8. VTAK

    Wtb: Oem car cover

    Found it. Thanks Prime! Terry
  9. C

    Wheels Advan AVS Model 5 17/18

    Advan AVS Model 5 17/18 Priced to GO!!! Super Rare Advan AVS Model 5s! The concave split spokes goes so well with the clean lines of the NSX. Perfect! Front: 17x7 et40 Rear: 18x9 et40 Newly refinished in hyper silver. Priced to go. $2000 shipped Please email for more info. Thanks Kit...
  10. L

    Kevlar/Carbon SEATs-RED

  11. A

    Is this $4000 1995 NSX-T a scam?

    I am a 15 year old looking for a first car, and I am a big fan of the Acura NSX. However, many NSX's are overpriced and there are some that go upwards of $100,000. I have found a 1995 Acura NSX-T on CarSoup with 141,600 miles for just $4000, and I am interested in buying it. I am however kind of...
  12. H

    NSX/S2K Beach Cruise May 1st

    I am new to this community and I haven't seen any posts on this yet. The s2k_Socal group is organizing an NSX and s2000 beach cruise to Huntington Beach May 1st 2016. This will be the 3rd beach cruise they have organized. Their Instagram account will post more details soon! Has anyone been to...
  13. d1 guy

    NSX EPS (Electric Power Steering) Refurb Service By - D1 Guy 1991-1996 & 1997-2005

    NSX EPS (Electric Power Steering) Refurb Service By - D1 Guy 1991-1996 & 1997-2005 Hello everyone, I'm D1 Guy. A lot of you already know me by word of mouth, but I recently became an official vendor here on Prime, so this is my official introduction to you all as a vendor. I am grateful to...
  14. D

    Exterior NSX Type-R Style Rear Spoiler

    SOLD. I have an NSX-R style spoiler for sale. It came with an '92 I bought, but I put the original one back on. It's in perfect condition, no scratches. Asking $200. Local pickup at 91765 strongly preferred
  15. O

    17" x2, 18" x2 iForged 3 piece wheels with some scratch and dens with tires

    These are come off from NSX, 17" fronts and 18" rear iForged 3 piece wheels with some scratches and some dens but no air leak, with tires. See the pictures. Front tires NXEN 215/40R17 Rear tires BFGoodrich 265/35ZR18 93Y Pick up in CA south bay area only. Cash $1500.00 or obo
  16. P

    Rare Momo NSX Type-S/Zagato Design Steering Wheel with Horn Trim Ring

    Very rare and hard to come by Momo NSX Type-S/ZagatoDesign Steering Wheel. I'll include the horn trim ring and screws. In very good condition for the age. $650 obo + shipping & Paypal fees
  17. pawz1200

    Wheels F/S: WedsSport SA10RZBB 17/18

    For Sale are my 17X7.5 +45 & 18X10.5 +25 with tires. Wheels in fantastic condition and look sweet on the NSX as you can see below. Spacers included as well to make it look just right. Tires are Direzza Sport Z1 215/40/17 with - 8/32 tread on front and 265/35/18- 5/32 tread on rear as of 1500...
  18. hashmiz

    Recent Experience with ARC- Light

    My experience with ARC-Light LED began when one of my rear taillights (lense and all) broke, and my LED turn signal snapped in half. I had a Bright Light Tech LED kit installed and since it was discontinued I thought i'd be out of luck. Did some research and to my luck ARC- Light's name came up...
  19. NSX69

    Yahoo! 1st Drive

    2017 Acura NSX: 1st Drive What Is It? 2017 Acura NSX, the Japanese manufacturer’s long-awaited mid-engine 2-seat flagship. Starting Price: $150,000 (Estimated) Competitors: Audi R8 V10, Mercedes-AMG GT-S, Porsche 911 Turbo Alternatives: McLaren 570S, Lamborghini Huracan Pros: Digital...
  20. F

    WTB: 1997 thru 2005 NSX, manual and silver in color...

    ...Wishful thinking, but you don't know if you don't try. Thanks.
  21. N

    Carl at Honda C&M (Houston, Tx)

    He easily works on more than 12 of our local NSXs and has been doing it for years. He did my PPI and timing belt/water pump when I purchased the car and there's always 1 or 2 NSXs in his shop getting service.
  22. hashmiz

    Exhaust FS (MD): Borla T-304 Stainless Steel Exhaust System

    Name: Zack Location: 21044 MD Contact: PM or text/call four one zero- 733-9310 Price: $850, willing to ship in the US For sale I have a Borla T-304 dual exhaust system off of my 94 NSX. This exhaust sounds very mature and has NO drone on the highway or cruising, its only loud when you get on...
  23. KrayziE RussiaN

    1993 Service Manual & 1994 Service Manual Supplement (never opened)

    I have a 1993 Service Manual in great condition and a 1994 Service Manual Supplement (still wrapped never opened) $125 for both shipped (paypal fee extra or send as gift). Please ask any/all questions prior to purchasing! Thanks! Please call/text 512-766-4592 or email [email protected]
  24. KrayziE RussiaN

    Intake NA1 1991+ NSX Intake Manifold Cover & Plate (used)

    I'm cleaning out the garage and posting many items. This is a '91+ NSX Intake Manifold Cover & Plate. Both in good condition. I had purchased with intentions of powder coating but as you can see never got to that point. I'm asking $150obo for both + shipping. It's ready to be shipped or pick up...
  25. KrayziE RussiaN

    Interior Driver (left) side Window Regulator Motor (used)

    This is a used regulator that I purchased a while back with intentions of upgrading it with the window kit available here on prime. I've been going through my items in the garage and found it, still in the box that it was originally shipped in from one of the members here on prime. I had...